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The site was established, produced and maintained by Speaker and Lecturer; Architectural Historian and Building Surveyor
Ron Gatepain.


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Providing information and photographs of many of the world’s greatest and most famous historic buildings and archaeological sites. 

Building/Site of the Month

Z_ColosseumThe Colosseum, known as Rome’s arena of Death, was constructed on the site of Emperor Nero’s Golden Palace in order to give the land back to the people. It was started by Vespasian when he became emperor in 68 AD and was completed by his son’s Titus and then Domitian. The first games occurring in 80 AD and lasting for 100 days. The last gladiatorial combat occurring in 404 AD and the last hunt in 523 AD.  READ MORE

About the site

Many of the World’s famous Historical Buildings and Archaeological Sites can be found listed under the country in which they are situated.  These can be accessed via the page tabs in the column on the left. A list of articles is shown for each country under the region page. If you are looking for a specific place you can look for it on the alphabetical contents block to the left.

A full list of buildings and sites can be found in the Site Index tab with a link to the article. 

On the left side of the page for each country site is a small map, if you click on the map you will be taken to a larger version and an introduction to the country.

Some of the pages have a panorama of the sites which you can view by clicking on the link.
A number of the locations have a link to Encyclopaedia Britannica which will provide additional information and we would like to thank Britannica for allowing these links.
A glossary of the architectural terms and details of the people referred to on the site can be accessed from the menu on the left of each page or from the "Additional Information" link.
If English is not your first language you will find a translator at the bottom of each page.
We hope that you enjoy the website and that it encourages you to visit the places themselves. If you are planning a visit, we have put some links, which may be of use to you, on the "Useful Travel Information" page. 

We also, work in collaboration with, and on a number of our pages we have a link to some of their articles as they provide guidance and advice on visiting these buildings or architectural sites.

The site should be of interest to schools, for students of history and architecture, or for those planning or having been on a tour to the area.

Content and Photographs
All content is produced by Architectural Historian Ron Gatepain, who established and maintains the site. The photographs - sometimes shown as a video – provide a virtual tour of the sites and give an indication of what visitors will see. These were taken by Ron on his frequent trips around the world in order to indulge in his passion for history and architecture: A passion that he is keen to share with others through this website, by contributing to the Encyclopaedia Britannica and by the delivery of talks to special interest groups and as a Guest Enrichment Speaker on cruise ships throughout the world.
Generally, Ron is happy for the photographs to be used, providing it is for non-commercial use and permission is gained before-hand: Although his copyright must be acknowledged.

If you would like to contact us to send us any comments about site content, please click on this link and complete the form. Please do not use it for marketing purposes. 



              All  Photographs were taken by and are copyright of Ron Gatepain

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