Historic Sites in the Americas



Information and details on Ancient and Historic buildings, sites and places currently available to view in the Americas.

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Belize, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru, United States. 

 Belize  'Altun Ha'

 'Cahal Pech'





 Mexico 'Teotihuacan'

 'Chichen Itza'
 'Monte Alban'




 'Church of Our Lady of Gudelupe'


 Panama  'Panama Canal'  

 'Machu Picchu'
 'Sacred Valley of the Inca'
 'Lima Cathedral'
 'Huaca Pucllana'
 'El Brujo'
 'Chan Chan'
 'Huaca de la Luna'

 United States
 'Las Vegas'

 'Hoover Dam'



 'The Alamo'

 'Old Exchange & Provest Dungeon'

 'Kendey Space Centre'

 'Cathedral Basilica of St Louis'

 'Empire State Building'


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