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“Great talks, really enjoyed them, they were interesting and entertaining” 

Sal (Artemis)

“Ron Gatepain's talks were brilliantly presented with photographs and graphics. Learnt about the place, its facts and its history and the people and times. Riveting and educational they were also entertaining as included humour. A true master”

John (Ventura)

 History and Architecture 

The programme of talks on History and Architecture consists of self-contained lectures to introduce the architecture, buildings, civil engineering works and archaeological sites that have had a significant effect in History and which today form some of the world’s most famous landmarks or places to visit. 

Each presentation covers the historical background to the site or project, the people involved and facts about their construction: It also covers the effect that it has had on its people and its relevance to history generally. The talks are delivered with the use of PowerPoint and include photographs and graphics taking the form of a virtual tour.

A Presentation can be seen by clicking on the picture below or from the area pages.


Talks can be grouped by Destination or by Theme. 

These talks relate to specific destinations, something that is particularly suitable for cruise ships and their itinerary. 
The talks available are grouped by country under the geographical area in the table below. These can be seen by clicking on the area link below or the tab in the panel on the left.

Europe & the Mediterranean  The Baltic Africa & the Middle East The Americas Australasia
 England  Denmark  Egypt  USA  China
 France    Russia    Morocco  Central America  India 
 Spain  Tunisia  Belize Cambodia 
 Italy  Jordan  Guatemala  Thailand
 Greece  Israel  Mexico  Malaysia
 Turkey  Dubai  Panama Japan 
 Malta    Peru  Australia

The talks can be given in order to relate to a particular theme such as:
*  Iconic Buildings of the World
*  Religious Buildings 
*  Palaces of the World 
*  Castles and Defences 
*  Engineering Achievements 
*  Historic Sites 
*  Ancient Civilizations



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