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St Nicholas Church



Built in pseudo-Byzantine style between 1902 to 1909 to replace a previous church on the site destroyed by fire in 1896. The Church of St. Nicholas contains a selection of art, icons, pieces of silver, and a striking iconostasis.


The Church of St. Nicholas is a Serbian Orthodox church located on St. Luke’s Square in the northern part of the old town. Built between 1902 to 1909 to replace a church that had stood on the site from 1810 to 1896 when it was destroyed by fire. 

Constructed in a pseudo-Byzantine style it has a large cupola and two bell towers with black domes which are topped by golden crosses. A large cupola produced in a Romanesque style rises above the church. Above the entrance of the main façade, it has a mosaic over which a Serbian flag is displayed on the second floor.


The interior consists of a single nave with a selection of art, icons, pieces of silver including candle holders and chandeliers, and ecclesiastical items around the church.  

On entry, visitors are greeted with a selection of gifts and postcards of the items displayed in the church.


At the far end is a silver iconostasis made by the Czech painter Frantisek Ziegler in 1908.




              All  Photographs were taken by and are copyright of Ron Gatepain

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