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Trinity Church, located at the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street in New York dates back to 1697 and is the third building on the site. Until 1869 itsí tower made it the tallest building in the United States. Itís churchyard provides the tombs of a number of the people instrumental in the formation of the United States.

Located at the intersection of Broadway and Wall Street, Trinity Church dates back to 1697 when it was granted a charter by English King William III.  The current church is the third building on the site. The first church being destroyed in the Great fire of New York in 1776 and was rebuilt in 1788 and consecrated in 1790. 

The present one was constructed following the demolition of the second church in 1839 due to structural problems being discovered. The Third one was designed by British-born architect Richard Upjohn in the 19th century and constructed in the Gothic Revival style, it was consecrated in 1846. In 1976 the church building became a registered National Historic Landmark due to its architectural significance and its place within the history of New York City.

With a tower reaching the height of 281-foot (86 m), the church was the tallest building in the United States until 1869.


The tower contains 23 bells, eight of which come from the second church. The ringing of the bells created problems for the residents of buildings in the proximity, so this resulted in the provision of a plywood deck over the bells and the construction of shutters on the inside of the bell chamber's lancet windows. This reduced the sound of the bells outside the tower to a minimal, although the design allows the shutters, to be opened for public ringing. 

During the authors visit in 2018 the main sanctuary, of the Church was closed to visitors due to renovation work, although the Chapel of All Saints remained open for services and prayer. 


Along the side of the church is its churchyard.


This is the resting place for a number of the people involved with the establishment of the United States.


These include John Jay who served as the second governor of New York and the first chief justice of the United States. It also contains the monument to Alexander Hamilton who was one of the Founding Father of the United States. He was also a founder of the nation's financial system and first secretary of the treasury.  He also founded the United States Coast Guard, and the New York Post newspaper. 



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